Members of All About Sunday Syndicate in Watch Horse Cross upset

All About Sunday Syndicate Controversy: Shareholder Outrage as Watch House Cross Victory Spurs Social Media Shutdown

All About Sunday Syndicate, the racing powerhouse behind the triumphant racehorse Watch House Cross, has recently found itself in the midst of a significant controversy.

Shareholders are expressing their anger and frustration after the syndicate abruptly shut down all social media channels, leaving them without any means of communication or updates. This article explores the events surrounding the controversy, shedding light on the reactions of disgruntled shareholders.

The Vanishing Act: All About Sunday Syndicate’s Social Media Presence Disappears

In a surprising turn of events, All About Sunday Syndicate deactivated their Facebook page and closed other social media accounts, catching shareholders off guard. Members were left in the dark, unable to access vital updates or engage with the syndicate. Additionally, attempts to privately contact the syndicate’s owner were met with blockades, intensifying concerns about the syndicate’s actions.

The Mysterious Disappearance of the Syndicate’s App

Not only did All About Sunday Syndicate shut down their social media channels, but their once-functional app also vanished from existence. Shareholders noticed that the app was operational until recently, with syndicate representatives even responding to inquiries. The removal of the app further aggravated shareholders, deepening their confusion and discontent.

Shareholders Stripped of Their Stakes:

A Betrayal by All About Sunday Syndicate
Multiple shareholders expressed their disappointment and outrage over the syndicate’s sudden actions. Many had invested in shares of three horses owned by the syndicate: Watch House Cross, Sunday Soldier, and Come On Du Berlais. Shockingly, without any prior explanation, these investors found themselves stripped of their shares. They described the syndicate as “thieving crooks,” feeling betrayed by their unexpected loss.

Reactions and Outrage: Shareholders Demand Answers

Members of All About Sunday Syndicate and other stakeholders are utilizing various platforms to express their frustrations and concerns. The abrupt closure of social media channels and the subsequent disappearance of the app have led to questions about the syndicate’s integrity and transparency. Shareholders are demanding an explanation for the sudden share transfer and complete shutdown of communication channels. They seek accountability and justice for what they perceive as a breach of trust.

The controversy surrounding All About Sunday Syndicate’s actions following Watch House Cross’s victory has sparked widespread dissatisfaction among shareholders. The syndicate’s decision to shut down social media channels, block private messages, and transfer shares without notification or explanation has raised significant concerns. Shareholders are now seeking transparency and answers. It remains to be seen how All About Sunday Syndicate will address the growing backlash and work towards rebuilding trust among its stakeholders.


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