Cheltenham Festival 2024: Tuesday’s Weather Forecast and Ground Conditions

Cheltenham Festival 2024: Champion Day Weather Forecast and Ground Conditions

As anticipation builds for the opening day of the Cheltenham Festival 2024, all eyes are on the ground conditions and weather forecast for Champion Day, Tuesday 12th March. The latest report indicates that the Going is Soft, particularly for the Old Course slated for Tuesday’s races.

Weather patterns leading up to the event have been a mix of dry spells and intermittent showers. Last week saw dry conditions from Tuesday through Friday, followed by a dry day on Saturday. However, overnight showers of 7mm have dampened the ground, with further showers expected later in the day, adding 3mm to the precipitation.

Looking ahead, Monday may see some drizzle, with a 50-60% chance of light showers on Tuesday, amounting to approximately 1mm of rainfall. Despite the sporadic showers, daytime temperatures are forecasted to reach a comfortable 10-11 degrees Celsius, while overnight temperatures will range from 4 to 8 degrees Celsius.

With soft ground conditions and the possibility of light showers, jockeys and trainers alike will need to adapt their strategies accordingly for the opening day’s races. Stay tuned for live updates and exciting action from the Cheltenham Festival as Champion Day unfolds amidst the ever-changing weather conditions.


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