How do you pick your Grand National Winner, We have some “helpfull” stats

The Grand National is taking place on easter monday 5:00pm   BoyleSports Irish Grand National Chase (Extended Handicap Chase) (Grade 3)

If you like to choose your horse by name

If you like to choose your horse by name then name starting with the letter “B” seems to be the one having won 15 times in the last 120 runnings  With No “B’s” running this year   This is followed by the letters “A”, “L” “P” “R” and  “S”  all having won 8 times each

we have second choices of  Any Second NowRun Wild Fred – Royal Thief Senior Chief  and   Street Value

Stay away from the  letters “Q” W” “X” and “Y” the have had no luck —  See the full table below

If you like to pick by trainer

If you like to pick by trainer the first names could be the Key –  the name Tom/Thomas having won 12 times,  with Paddy and Willie both on 5 each  since 1946

So we would have  —   Intense Raffles  trained by Thomas Gibney

If you like to pick by Jockey

If you like to pick by Jockey the stick to the “P’s ” or the “T’s” as the have won 23 of the last 78 runnigs

Jockeys to be annnounced

If you like to pick by age

If you like to pick by age  the the 7 year olds are the one for you as they have won 23 times,   with the 8 year old winning 19 times , the 6 and 9 year old winning 10 times each , but dont forget the oldtimers as 12 and 13 year olds have won  3 times since 1946

in the 7year olds we  have Nick Rockett –  Cool SurvivorDaily PresentHartur D’arc  – Senior Chief and Yeah Man
and lets not forget the old timer Any Second Now at 12 years old


b 15 times
a 8 times
l 8 times
p 8 times
r 8 times
s 8 times
d 7 times
g 7 times
f 6 times
h 6 times
k 6 times
o 6 times
t 6 times
c 5 times
m 4 times
i 3 times
j 2 times
n 2 times
v 2 times
e 1 times
u 1 times
z 1 times
q 0 times
w 0 times
x 0 times
y 0 times


23 age 7
19 age 8
10 age 9
10 age 6
7 age 10
5 age 11
2 age 12
1 age 13





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