Could the Rain Cause More Havoc This Week ?

Could the Rain cause more havoc with the Situation being monitored at Cork

Ihrb announced today that the ground at @corkracecourse  (Saturday 31st -Monday 1st) remains heavy (Flat) & heavy, soft to heavy in places (NH). Heavy showers today & tomorrow with (approx) 5-7mmof rain forecast by Met Èireann. Situation being monitored

With weather forecasts of showers of heavy rain, sleet and snow, heavy and prolonged in placess in the coming days things could are on a knife edge

The Ground @Fairyhouse

(Saturday 31st -Monday 1st) remains heavy. Sunny spells & showers with 25mm (approx) of rain forecast prior to Monday evening. Fresh ground on both tracks each day


With Gowrsn Park, Wexfod, and Clonmel all falling foul of the weather this week, lets hope Cork can avoid the flustration of cancellation


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