First Season Sires, top performers based on progeny performance.

First Season Sires: A Promising New Generation

The excitement in the world of  racing reaches a new high with the debut of first-season sires. These stallions, each having showcased exceptional talent on the racetrack, now embark on a journey in their stud careers. Here’s an in-depth look at this years first-season sires, their top performers.

Here are the top performers based on progeny performance so far.

  1.  Sands of Mali
    – **Top Performer**: Ain’t Nobody (RPR 103)
    – **Winners**: 4
    – **Runners**: 18
    – **Win Rate**: 22.22%
    – **Standing**: Ballyhane Stud (IRE) for €5,000

Sands of Mali has transitioned smoothly into his stud career at Ballyhane Stud. Known for his speed and tenacity on the track, Sands of Mali’s offspring have shown promise early on, particularly Ain’t Nobody, who boasts a high Racing Post Rating (RPR) of 103. With a win rate of 22.22%, his progeny are demonstrating the potential to succeed at high levels.

2 Sergei Prokofiev
– **Top Performer**: Arizona Blaze (RPR 100)
– **Winners**: 8
– **Runners**: 27
– **Win Rate**: 29.63%
– **Standing**: Whitsbury Manor Stud (GB) for £6,000

Sergei Prokofiev, standing at Whitsbury Manor Stud, has had a strong start with his progeny. Arizona Blaze, with an RPR of 100, leads the charge among his runners. A win rate of 29.63% reflects his success in producing competitive offspring. His relatively affordable stud fee makes him an attractive option for breeders looking to infuse quality into their stock.

3 Hello Youmzain
– **Top Performer**: Electrolyte (RPR 100)
– **Winners**: 3
– **Runners**: 10
– **Win Rate**: 30.00%
– **Standing**: Haras d’Etreham (FR) for €22,500

Hello Youmzain, who stands at Haras d’Etreham, has impressed with a win rate of 30.00%. Electrolyte, his leading performer, has an RPR of 100, indicating significant promise. Known for his sprinting prowess, Hello Youmzain’s offspring are expected to excel particularly in shorter distances.

4 Earthlight
– **Top Performer**: Daylight (RPR 90)
– **Winners**: 5
– **Runners**: 16
– **Win Rate**: 31.25%
– **Standing**: Kildangan Stud (IRE) for €15,000

Earthlight, another exciting addition to Kildangan Stud, has already seen notable success with a 31.25% win rate. Daylight, his top performer, showcases the speed and stamina Earthlight was known for. His offspring are making a strong impression, indicating a bright future.

5 Pinatubo
– **Top Performer**: Andesite (RPR 90)
– **Winners**: 3
– **Runners**: 9
– **Win Rate**: 33.33%
– **Standing**: Dalham Hall Stud (GB) for £35,000

Pinatubo, who stands at Dalham Hall Stud, has an impressive win rate of 33.33%. Known for his unbeaten two-year-old season, Pinatubo’s progeny, led by Andesite, are living up to high expectations. His high stud fee reflects his elite status and the quality he brings to the breeding shed.

6 Far Above
– **Top Performer**: Twafeeg (RPR 89)
– **Winners**: 2
– **Runners**: 15
– **Win Rate**: 13.33%
– **Standing**: Starfield Stud (IRE) for €5,000

Far Above, standing at Starfield Stud, has had a modest start with a 13.33% win rate. Twafeeg, his leading performer, has shown early promise. Far Above’s progeny are expected to improve with time, particularly in sprint races where he excelled.

7 Shaman
– **Top Performer**: Brian (RPR 89)
– **Winners**: 1
– **Runners**: 10
– **Win Rate**: 10.00%
– **Standing**: Yeomanstown Stud (IRE) for €5,000

Shaman, now at Yeomanstown Stud, has seen a slower start with a win rate of 10.00%. Brian, his top runner, has shown capability, suggesting that Shaman’s progeny may develop with more racing experience. His affordable stud fee makes him accessible for breeders looking to take a chance on a promising but under-the-radar sire.

8 Mohaather
– **Top Performer**: Yah Mo Be There (RPR 89)
– **Winners**: 0
– **Runners**: 17
– **Win Rate**: 0.00%
– **Standing**: Beech House Stud (GB) for £12,500

Mohaather’s progeny have yet to secure a win, but given his own racing prowess, there’s hope for future success. Standing at Beech House Stud, his offspring, such as Yah Mo Be There, are expected to mature and perform better as they gain experience.

9 Without Parole
– **Top Performer**: Mr Chaplin (RPR 86)
– **Winners**: 2
– **Runners**: 9
– **Win Rate**: 22.22%
– **Standing**: Newsells Park Stud (GB) for £8,000

Without Parole, based at Newsells Park Stud, has produced winners like Mr Chaplin, showing a solid win rate of 22.22%. Known for his mile races, Without Parole’s progeny are anticipated to excel in middle-distance races.

10 Kameko
– **Top Performer**: Rajeko (RPR 85)
– **Winners**: 4
– **Runners**: 14
– **Win Rate**: 28.57%
– **Standing**: Tweenhills Farm & Stud (GB) for £15,000

Kameko, with a win rate of 28.57%, has sired promising runners such as Rajeko. Standing at Tweenhills Farm & Stud, Kameko’s offspring are showing early talent, particularly in middle-distance races, reflecting his own versatility and speed.

11  King Of Change
– **Top Performer**: Transcending (RPR 85)
– **Winners**: 2
– **Runners**: 3
– **Win Rate**: 66.67%
– **Standing**: Starfield Stud (IRE) for €5,000

King Of Change has had an outstanding start with a win rate of 66.67%. His top performer, Transcending, highlights his potential to sire high-quality runners. Standing at Starfield Stud, he offers breeders a chance to tap into his high success rate at an accessible fee.

12 Persian King
– **Top Performer**: Yoga Master (RPR 82)
– **Winners**: 0
– **Runners**: 3
– **Win Rate**: 0.00%
– **Standing**: Haras d’Etreham (FR) for €25,000

Persian King’s offspring are yet to make their mark on the track. Standing at Haras d’Etreham, his progeny, including Yoga Master, are expected to develop and show their quality as they mature, given Persian King’s own stellar career.

11 Verbal Dexterity
– **Top Performer**: Monotone (RPR 80)
– **Winners**: 1
– **Runners**: 1
– **Win Rate**: 100.00%
– **Standing**: J S Bolger

Verbal Dexterity, with a perfect win rate from his sole runner Monotone, stands out for his early success. Managed by J S Bolger, his progeny are expected to continue this winning trend.

12 Sottsass
– **Top Performer**: Defence Missile (RPR 76)
– **Winners**: 0
– **Runners**: 5
– **Win Rate**: 0.00%
– **Standing**: Coolmore Stud (IRE) for €25,000

Sottsass’s offspring are yet to secure a win, but given his illustrious career, it’s anticipated that his progeny will soon break through. Standing at Coolmore Stud, he remains a high-profile sire with significant potential.

13  Arizona
– **Top Performer**: William F Browne (RPR 72)
– **Winners**: 0
– **Runners**: 10
– **Win Rate**: 0.00%
– **Standing**: Castle Hyde Stud (IRE) for €5,000

Arizona’s progeny are still finding their way, but with his credentials, successes are expected in the near future. His affordable fee at Castle Hyde Stud makes him an attractive option for breeders.

14 Rumble Inthejungle
– **Top Performer**: Manila Thriller (RPR 68)
– **Winners**: 1
– **Runners**: 5
– **Win Rate**: 20.00%
– **Standing**: Norman Court Stud (GB) for £3,500

Rumble Inthejungle has shown promise with a 20

% win rate, led by Manila Thriller. Standing at Norman Court Stud, his affordable fee combined with early success suggests potential for growth and further accomplishments from his progeny.

15 Wooded
– **Top Performer**: Political Power (RPR 68)
– **Winners**: 0
– **Runners**: 6
– **Win Rate**: 0.00%
– **Standing**: Haras de Bouquetot (FR) for €10,000

Wooded’s offspring are yet to secure a win, but as a sprinter with a powerful pedigree, his progeny are expected to develop with time. Standing at Haras de Bouquetot, he remains a promising sire for future seasons.

16 Ghaiyyath
– **Top Performer**: La Ferveur (RPR 61)
– **Winners**: 0
– **Runners**: 3
– **Win Rate**: 0.00%
– **Standing**: Kildangan Stud (IRE) for €25,000

Ghaiyyath, known for his dominant performances on the track, has yet to see his progeny achieve victories. Standing at Kildangan Stud, his high stud fee reflects the belief in his potential to produce outstanding runners as they mature.

17 Legends Of War
– **Top Performer**: Legendsoftheland (RPR 51)
– **Winners**: 0
– **Runners**: 1
– **Win Rate**: 0.00%
– **Standing**: £4,000 2024 stud fee

Legends Of War has only had one runner so far, with more progeny expected to debut soon. With a stud fee set at £4,000 for 2024, breeders have the opportunity to take a chance on this promising young sire.

The first season for these sires is filled with anticipation and potential. While some have already made a significant impact, others are still on the path to proving their worth. The racing world will be watching closely as these young stallions continue to establish their legacy through their progeny. With a mix of proven track records and competitive stud fees, these sires offer a range of options for breeders looking to enhance their breeding programs. The coming seasons will undoubtedly bring further achievements and milestones for this promising new generation of sires.


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