Controversial video of AP McCoy and Barry Geraghty removed from X

During this video Mr AP McCoy and Mr Barry Geraghty we filmed  at Aintree where the pair were filming their selections for the last two races on Thursday and Fridays,

The video started with the 2 appearing to be finsishing a filming segment  Mr Geraghty can be herd saying” right put away do we”  Someone off camera asked for Mr McCoy coiuld they have his selectios for the last 2 races on thursday so the film crew could add griphics , Mr McCoy can be herd asking someone off camera to “pick two good ones xx (name unaudioable), mullins in the bumper anyway .. something Kate isint it”    the person off camera can be herd saying “Baby Kate”  Mr McCoy -“whats the race before that  Saint Roi I couldn’t fancy that  fucking chnces it got in cheltenham.” Mr Geraghty – “oh fuck that, when is that today or tomorrow”  Mr McCoy – “fucking pig”  then replying to Mr Geraghty , Mr McCoy says “no no its today” then the person off camers asks Mr McCoy “is that sam xxx” to which Mr McCoy replys “no no sam Walsh no i don’t like him, give me another one” the person off camera then mentions a name (unaudioable) to which Mr McCoy says “na”  shaking his head, after a few seconds Mr Geraghty says  ” I put up a yoak,  and all its form was on fucking better ground i said what the fuck”  then Mr McCoy says “two secs now and ill teel ya one”  the person off camera can be herd saying “Homme Public” Mr Geraghty says “ya thats the one i put up,  but shur it wants fucking better ground ”  Mr McCoy – “thats Greenalls horse na”  then the person off camera says “Black Gerry Gary Moore” Mr McCoy replies “ya lets go with that,  each way,   fucking nine year old geesus christ Mark hang on wait , wait , wait ”  the volume drops to unaudioable whilst Mr Geraghty  is speaking, the volume comes back as Mr McCoy says whilst reading ” Dancing On My Own won this race before go with him each way   he wont it before a couple of years ago didnt he” Mr Geraty then says ” he’s ten we dont want a nine year old but he’s ten ” “laughing and coughing”  Mr McCoy replys “but its fucking Henry Debromhead like no,  he 16/1 like, each way Dancing on My Own”   the person off camera asks “that the 6th race ”  Mr McCoy says ” Yes the sixth race yaya” the person off camera says “right we will move onto Fridays previews now”   Both Mr MCCoy and Mr Geraghty can be seen reading (off screen) then Mr McCoy turns around and says ” hows Laura Right getting on is she gonna fuckin” then Mr Geraghty says “fuck off ” and Mr McCoy finishes his sentance with “Rip the shit out of it”  after a few seconds, Mr McCoy says to Mr Geraghty ” Iknow how your thinking Barry ” Mr Geraghty “yay ya ” Mr McCoy “Chianti Classico ” Mr Geraghty ” ya ya I think Broadway Boy will run well” Mr McCoy replies with “Ya ”   and then the video ends .

Please note that some portions of the conversation were unclear due to background noise or indistinct speech. If you have any further details or need additional clarification, feel free to ask!

Here is the the letter that has been sent to try prevent this video appearing on X

Dear xxxxxxx
We act for Racecourse Media Group Limited (“RMG”) in relation to intellectual property matters.
RMG is the holding company responsible for managing the media rights for its shareholder
racecourses, including (amongst others) Aintree, Cheltenham, Goodwood and Kempton Park. RMG
controls copyright in broadcast footage taken at RMG racecourses, including Aintree, on an exclusive
basis worldwide on behalf of its shareholder racecourse. This letter is sent on behalf of RMG, acting in
its own capacity and as agent for Jockey Club Racecourses (“JCR”), which is the owner of copyright in
the Film referenced below.
We are writing concerning an unauthorised video clip which features Barry Geraghty and Sir Anthony
Peter McCoy OBE previewing the racing at Aintree on 11 April 2024 (the “Video Clip”). Our client has
identified that the Video Clip is currently accessible on your X account from the following link:
The preview footage (the “Film”) that is reproduced in the Video Clip is protected by copyright as a
film under section 5B of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (“CDPA”). Neither RMG nor
JCR have authorised the reproduction, communication to the public and/or other distribution of the
Film (or any part of it) by you and/or any third party on X, or at all. Accordingly, the reproduction of the
Film in the Video Clip and the making available and/or distribution of the Video Clip constitute acts of
copyright infringement under the CDPA.
Our client is aware that a copy of the Film was mistakenly made available on Kempton Park’s X feed
on 11 April 2024. That clip was removed expeditiously as soon as our client became aware of it. The
temporary accessibility of the Film via Kempton Park’s X feed does not constitute any prior consent or
authorisation by RMG or JCR for any third party to reproduce, make available or otherwise deal in the
Film. In these circumstances, there is no applicable fair dealing defence under English law.
To prevent ongoing infringement, our client requires that you immediately and permanently remove
access to the Video Clip and that you refrain from further infringing copyright in the Film.
Met Building, 22 Percy St
London, W1T 2BU |
Rue de Namur 72-74
1000 Brussels
Jessop House, Jessop Avenue
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL50 3WG.



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