Class Conti will win the 2021 Grand National… according to historical data

As punters saddle up for the return of the Grand National on Saturday 10th April, historical research into previous winners finds that Class Conti has the best chance of riding away with this year’s prize.  


The data from has analysed the winning horses since the Grand National started in 1839 and found that, statistically, the winner of the iconic race is a nine-year-old horse that has a handicap of 10st 7lbs. 


From this year’s expected line-up, Class Conti matches closest to the best age (nine) and handicap (10st 7lbs). And, with current odds of 40/1, this French horse could allow racing fans to rein in some serious earnings if he crosses the finish line first.  


Other lucky attributes punters might look out for include the name of the trainer. More winning horses have had a trainer called Tom (11) than anyone else, with George (8), Fred (7) and James (7) completing the top-four most successful trainers.  


There have also been 17 winning racehorse owners called John – 12 more than the next most successful name, Noel (5).  


Although Cloth Cap has been priced up as the bookmaker’s choice to win the race, only 24 outright favourites have gone on to win, with a further six joint favourites taking home the prize over the last 172 races. 


A spokesperson for “Our research shows that, historically, nine-year-old horses with a handicap of 10st 7lbs race best, so this makes Class Conti an interesting proposition, despite the bookies rating the horse at 40/1. When placing a bet on this year’s Grand National it’s worth considering the historical data, which goes against the bookmaker’s prediction of Cloth Cap being the race favourite.” 


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